Samford Valley Steiner School


The new library at the Samford Valley Steiner School seeks to be an appropriate and specific rendering of Kevin Rudd's Building the Education Revolution. One generated to reflect the experiences and culturescontained within the site. Born as direct consequence of the Government stimulus, the opportunity was seized by the school to direct funds not to a single building, rather to create a 'cultural precinct' at the heart of the fledgling Samford Valley Campus. A precinct containing a Library and Multi-Purpose Hall and incorporating essential infrastructure required to service and link the two halves of the school community.

From the foundational buildings designed and arranged by Greg Burgess in the 1980's through to contemporary counterparts, the ambition to build with the spirit of wood was initiated long ago. The library is from the stirrups up a wholly timber framed and clad building.

At the core of the plan is the loggia.  A threshold territory receiving and distributing children and visitors alike. It provides a space for informal gatherings connected to the functions of the library/media room and the 'community meeting room'. Most importantly it links the experience of the library to the landscape and the broader campus.


In association with pentArchi.


Regional Commendation, Brisbane Region, RAIA Queensland Architecture Awards, 2011


Photography: Tom Kanchanasinith, Phorm