Queensland State Architecture Awards


The 2016 Queensland State Architecture Awards installation is constructed of 12 tonnes of recycled hardwood. In total, 660 lengths or approximately 1.5 kilometres of various hardwood sections; elements which have been simply stacked and strapped (not fixed or bolted) in their unfettered condition and retained fit for re-purposing following the Queensland State Architecture
Awards Event.

The relatively short lengths of timber are the hardwood crossarms, replete with bolt holes and markings, generated by decommissioned Telegraph (utility) poles which adorn the streets and towns throughout the State. They represent a ‘by-product’ in the salvaging process undertaken by Kennedy’s Reclaimed and Sustainable Timbers.

In a tip to tail approach, the timber crossarms have been utilised as the centrepieces for table settings and even the table numbers have been reclaimed from the Telegraph (utility) pole reference numbers stripped of in the timber yards.

The stacked towers are intended to evoke an increasingly familiar aesthetic which pays witness to a moment of flux in our vernacular legacy.


With support from Kennedy's Timbers + GrayLight + Tony Gooley Design.


Photography: Phorm + Narelle Robinson