Lilliesmere Lagoon


Lilliesmere Lagoon is a modern, semi-remote residence located amid cane fields on the edge of a body of water. Upon approach its outline forms and metallic Colorbond steel cladding are more reflective of agricultural buildings than a residence. Entry via a raised sandstone courtyard reveals the true nature of the project where distance views both upstream and downstream organise the plan and building merges into the landscape.

The principal conceptual agents governing the project are as response to the initial act of inserting a piece of architecture into this particular landscape; the stringent horizontally of land and waters edge, the correlation of water view and western sun and the agoraphobic sense of place. Layered over these responses are intentions of the picturesque, referential building typology and the pinning of the plan to site along specific selected axes.

Although the lot is part of a suburban subdivision, occupation upon the street was never a consideration, however the siting of the house deep within the site and prescribing the approach to the building, also us to maintain visual amenity to the lagoon from the cul-de-sac.

The design exploits the ingrained scale, form and material of surrounding agricultural sheds to connect the residence to the broader site and provide the counterpoint to a new and unique interior space. Compositionally the building learns from the clustering of associated work buildings commonly found within the cane fields of North Queensland. Elongated structural steel fascias and ridgelines reflect the drawn horizontal lines of the site and generate forced perspectives from within the building out into the landscape. The house is ultimately located along two principal axes; one set by the prime vertical element within the landscape (the monumental concrete stacks of the Kalamina Mill) and the upstream vista over the cane train bridge.



House of the Year, North Queensland Region, RAIA Queensland Architecture Awards, 2007

Regional Commendation, North Queensland Region, RAIA Queensland Architecture Awards, 2007

High Commendation, Steel Design Award, ASI Steel Awards, 2007

Home of the Year, North Queensland Region, HIA Awards, 2006

Most Innovative Use of Steel, North Queensland Region, HIA Awards, 2006

Best Custom Built House of the Year, North Queensland Region, HIA Awards, 2006



Photography: Jon Linkins