Gold Coast Cultural Precinct


An Asia Pacific Culture Hub that engages with and sustains the endemic estuarine ecology and indigenous cultural field; a permeable urban precinct with civic ambitions interconnected into adjacent communities, Gold Coast City and South-east Queensland; a hub facilitating cultural exchange with the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world. A live hub for performance, contemporary art, digital gaming, film, software and media experimentation and for the global film industry. An alluring flowing and undulating horizontal landmark. An interwoven architectural and landscape plate visible from the air on descent into Gold Coast airport and from the towers aligned along the coastal strip. This form is seen as having enormous potential to provide the diffusion of inside and outside articulated by the brief and to provide infinite framings of the city and broader landscape. 


In association with iida archiship studio + Ove Arup & Partners Japan + Hill Thalis + Shihoko Iida + Liam Young + Plummer&Smith + NMBW Queensland Office.